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Re: Newly Updated NCDNHC Membership List

Eric and all,

  Maybe you can tell us all under US law why you feel that being
incorporated is a "Good Test"?  Seems to me that making such a
requirement is "Extralegal" as Dr. Froomkin pointed out very nicely
on an earlier post to this thread..   But than again, maybe it is just me...

Eric S Johnson wrote:

> mark,
> > >please do something to convince us that this is a real organization.
> > Let's face it Randy.  You just don't like me, and you've found a
> > convenient target for a witch-hunt.  Please either point to one or
> i don't know either you or randy so i can't judge who likes whom.
> but i don't think witch-hunt accusations are fair. i agree with randy that
> we need some standard by which we define who is "in". being incorporated
> seems a legitimate test.
> best, eric
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