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Section 20 ICANN/NSI agreement

In the interest of the consumer I'd like to see section 20 of the ICANN /
NSI agreement changed to reflect the possibility of price decreases in
addtion to the price increase option cited.

With the opening up of IPv6 there's a potential for millions of billions 
of internet addresses.  IPv6 is already starting to see implementation.
In the past technology has proven over and over again that prices go down
as high tech goods and services reach the market.  Experts tell us we may
not even recognize the internet ten years from now.  Something may develop
where an individual or organiztion may find applications for many IP
addresses.  It's most likely this will influence the use of domain names.
At $9 and $6 a SLD and much more to the consumer the expense of multiple
names or addresses could prove to impede development of future
technologies.  It's hard to say whether or not we will see any significant
changes in the four years of this agreement, but progress is moving so
rapidly I'd like to see the agreement remain open ended in this capacity,
and not just a reflection of upward pricing.

Maybe the words 'increased' and 'increases' should be replaced by
'changed' and 'changes' or 'adjusted' and 'adjustment' where they appear
in section 20.  I appeal to your expertise in the terminology for such a
change and whether or not this affects any other parts of the ICANN or DOC
/ NSI agreements.

Ken Bushnell