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Domain Name Question

To Whom it may concern,

I am writing to you for some information about a domain name I am seeking
for a small home business based outside of Atlanta.  My question is about
the domain name www.riteway.com.  I do not wish to start a dispute on this
matter but would like to know if there is anything futher actions I can
take.  The domain name seems to be registered to a company that not only
does not have a site up at this domain address, all contacts for this
company are disconnected.

Could you please reply to this email address with some information or
instructions on what I can do about this matter.

Thank you for your time.

Christopher M. Bruce
Technical Support for

Rite-Way Computer Forms
Alpharetta, Ga
Phone: 770-754-0050
Fax: 770-754-0051
Email: Riteway@mail.com

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