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Re: [Membership] MAC reports and models-New URLs

At 6:42 PM -0800 2/3/99, Diane Cabell wrote:

>The consensus is that the At Large membership should extend beyond
>the category
>of domain holders.


>There are many individuals and organizations that are
>impacted by names and numbers policies (and the implementation of
>protocols) who
>do not have domain names.  Personnel who work in the Internet industry, mail
>users, people who have websites on hosted domains, etc.
>Although a limited membership as you propose has not been ruled out,
>there does
>not seem to be much support on the MAC for it at the present time.  You are
>absolutely right, however, that it would be much easier to administer.

You may also want to consider that the two approaches need not be
exclude each other.

i.e., have automatic membership with prepaid dues included in the
registration for all domain holders, one individual, one vote
regardless of the number of domains held, _and_ allow others to
enroll as members by paying dues directly as set by ICANN.



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