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Re: [Membership] membership votes domain names INTEGRITY

Jeff: If I may- At your company, do you decide to create a organizational
structure, activites, policies etc before you have decided WHOA we have this
probles or we want to develop a new product or we want to expand market?

I don't think so, I'll give you credit for being an effective manager
/decision maker what al. I believe you first say - here is what we need /want
to do - then you say Who and How will we attack/approach the situation.

That is what we have here. One name one vote may not work - there may be
cultural , economic or what all considerations.

For example- i don't want all the entrepenuers in nameless ? or nameless to
decide to authorize extremely foul /sexual names for e-mail or domain names.
IWe have Net nanny and similar things here - they may not be worldwide. Just
because the net is international - doesn't mean that my rights as a minority
can be overrun just because U voted or whatever.

thanks steve