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Re: [Membership] membership votes domain names INTEGRITY

Steve and all,

BRPWIT@aol.com wrote:

> Jeff: If I may- At your company, do you decide to create a organizational
> structure, activites, policies etc before you have decided WHOA we have this
> probles or we want to develop a new product or we want to expand market?

  Yes in essence we do.  And this is determined by the board based on
recommendations submitted to the, what we call the Employee Council,
which is the same thing as a Board of Directors.  However you should
understand that WE are an employee owned corporation, where the ICANN,
though similar is a non-profit corporation that has a charter of sorts
as the WHITE PAPER.  Have you read the White Paper yet?  If not
it should explained my previous post logic and reasoning...

> I don't think so, I'll give you credit for being an effective manager
> /decision maker what al. I believe you first say - here is what we need /want
> to do - then you say Who and How will we attack/approach the situation.

  Steve, I understand your point here, however we are talking about a
situation compared to a company situation.  They are not reasonably
in this manner, though there are some adequate areas of comparisons to
sure.  I don't believe that you can reasonably compare potential
project related situations with a single project situation either, which
appears that you are attempting to do here.

> That is what we have here. One name one vote may not work - there may be
> cultural , economic or what all considerations.
> For example- i don't want all the entrepenuers in nameless ? or nameless to
> decide to authorize extremely foul /sexual names for e-mail or domain names.

  I don't either, but I also don't have the right to decide this
either and realize that without a open membership structure, these
as with many others, should anc can only reasonably be made by a
decision process.

> IWe have Net nanny and similar things here - they may not be worldwide. Just
> because the net is international - doesn't mean that my rights as a minority
> can be overrun just because U voted or whatever.

  Not just "ME" voting, but "US" (plural) voting....  Big difference.

> thanks steve


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