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Re: Competition; was Re: [Membership] ICANN: The Issue of Membership---

Greg Skinner a écrit:
> Michael Sondow <msondow@iciiu.org> wrote:
> >Greg Skinner a écrit:
> >> I have suggested that individuals be encouraged to
> >> register within the infrastructure of their ISP
> >And become even more hostage to the ISP? This may be beneficial to
> >ISPs, but it sure isn't to the individuals. If you don't have an SLD,
> >your website isn't portable. Ergo, everyone's got to have an SLD. If
> >people can't move freely from one ISP to another, competition and the
> >free market are dead.
> You cut off the rest of my message, in which I explicitly stated that
> this is a temporary measure while the details of technology and policy
> are sorted out.  

There are no "temporary measures". They become permanent immediately they
are adopted. But even as a temporary measure it has no justification. If
people with a good idea can't create a real website under their control, all
the innovation of e-commerce will wither and die and the Internet revolution
will be over. Discrimination between individuals and organizations for DN
rights is inadmissible. Who would decide? The trademark lawyers? NSI? You?

> I also stated it was a suggestion to prospective
> domain registrants to consider signing up with their ISP or some other
> web hosting service, not a requirement.

Many do precisely that already: those who don't need an e-mail address or a
website for serious purposes that must be under their direct control. And
that is how it should be and must be: a voluntary decision, not a decision
made by some higher power playing god with the Internet. The Internet has
been free until now. That is what has allowed it to grow and prosper. If you
limit its freedom, you will destroy its ability to grow and prosper.
Everyone has right to an address, a domain name, a unique e-mail mailbox,
and a portable website. These are the fundamental freedoms of the Internet.
Without them, the Internet is dead, or the advertising tool of the