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Re: Competition; was Re: [Membership] ICANN: The Issue of Membership---

Michael Sondow <msondow@iciiu.org> wrote:

>There are no "temporary measures". They become permanent immediately
>they are adopted. But even as a temporary measure it has no
>justification. If people with a good idea can't create a real website
>under their control, all the innovation of e-commerce will wither and
>die and the Internet revolution will be over. Discrimination between
>individuals and organizations for DN rights is inadmissible.

Under the current policy, registrants do not have domain names "under
their control," regardless of whether they are administered through
NSI, through the ISP, or through some other domain name hosting

However, using domain names under the control of the ISP, or some
other domain name hosting service, does not involve NSI in any
potential lawsuits that might arise from name conflicts.

About the only way registrants might have such control is for everyone
on Earth to be able to set up their own registry, and publish their
names to every other registry.  The current technology doesn't support

Does this make sense?

>Who would decide? The trademark lawyers? NSI? You?

I would hope that we could have some kind of reasoned discussion about
it, rather than you making insinuating and inflammatory knee-jerk
responses to me.

>Everyone has right to an address, a domain name, a unique e-mail
>mailbox, and a portable website. These are the fundamental freedoms
>of the Internet. Without them, the Internet is dead, or the
>advertising tool of the multi-nationals.


Everyone has a right to a chicken for dinner every night.  Never mind
the fact that there might not be enough chickens that can be bred
because of a lack of appropriate places to breed them, a lack of means
to feed them, or even some disease that is mysteriously killing off
chickens.  But regardless of the fact that there exist practical
limitations on putting a chicken in every pot, the chicken breeders
are obligated to do it anyway, otherwise they will be considered evil,
greedy, selfish minions of the forces designed to starve the world's