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RE: Competition; was Re: [Membership] ICANN: The Issue of Membership---

This problem can be avoided by operating DNS separately from the ISP.  I
suggest to people that they use the public DNS at granitecanyon.com as the
primary and have the hosting service provide secondaries.  In this way the
user has complete control and can log into granitecanyon.com and change the
IP of their web site to a different ISP without any intervention or
assistance from the original ISP.

Russ Smith

> However, using domain names under the control of the ISP, or some
> other domain name hosting service, does not involve NSI in any
> potential lawsuits that might arise from name conflicts.

That's true. But it involves the domain name user in a relationship with the
ISP that isn't to the users advantage, especially when he or she is paying a
small amount of money to the ISP. In effect, the website belongs to the ISP
and not the user. It can't be moved to another ISP. Anyone who's had both
types of websites knows exactly what I'm talking about.