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Re: [Membership] Re: Fees/contributions

Daniel Kaplan a écrit:

> OK, but what is to tell you it will happen with your system? Sliding
> scales, or  a fee structure depending on who you are and where you live, is
> much more likely to achieve some redistribution of resources (provided it's
> an objective, which I'm not sure about). 

It's not a question of redistribution of money, but that those using more of
the Internet's limited resources should pay for them, don't you think? In a
sense, the present distribution and cost of IP addresses isn't equitable,
because it allows players to create large networks with huge bandwidth-usage
without paying much more for them than small networks that use up less
bandwidth. The websites with 10,000 hits/day aren't presently paying more,
or not much more, than those with 10 hits/day. It seems to me that the least
ICANN should is to require the big users to pay more for membership. 

The sliding scale approach sounds okay to me, except that the scale is going
to be very difficult to devise, and there will be constant arguments about
it. But maybe it could work.

How about coupling both methods, with a sliding scale of minimums to be
complemented by "voluntary donations" leveraged out of people's purses by
publishing publicly the fees being paid by all the members?