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Re: Competition; was Re: [Membership] ICANN: The Issue of Membership---

Greg and all,

Greg Skinner wrote:

> jeff Williams <jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com> wrote:
> > Greg Skinner wrote:
> >> About the only way registrants might have such control is for everyone
> >> on Earth to be able to set up their own registry, and publish their
> >> names to every other registry.  The current technology doesn't support
> >> this.
> >> Does this make sense?
> > No this does not make sense.  With employment of a multicasting
> > distribution process broadcasting registered domains to multiple
> > registries in a matter of seconds is doable now.
> Provided, of course, that everyone who wants to send or receive such
> broadcasts has the appropriate technology and the ability to use it in
> such a manner.

  You already have the ability, as does every ISP, NOC, and AIP on the

> When that day arrives, let's talk, or let's talk about how to get to
> that point.
> --gregbo

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