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Re: [Membership] Structure of 'at large' membership

Steve and all,

BRPWIT@aol.com wrote:

> If I have it backwards, how do you anticipate that the structure would respond
> to my concerns or concern of others? How would structure change in response to
> experience and dynamics of experience?

  By drafting up a resolution or proposal for a policy consideration and submit it

to the membership for a review, discussion potential amendment, and
than a vote for approval.

> In the realworld, there are structurs that are non-responsive, in flexible or
> just don't give a darn.

 Of course there are.  The ICANN in it's current directional indications
not withstanding.

> A couple of examples - i had a boss owner of small company 50-100 - HIS
> expressed philosophy  was MY WAY or HIGHWAY. - he had a point as it was
> literally his mopney - except it really was his people that were making his
> business a success.

  But he OWNED the company.  With the ICANN the Stakeholders should
OWN the internet.  All that is really debatable is whom are the

> US - we have a senate 2 folks from each state and a house base on percentage
> of popu;ation. This was a structure negotiated before formalization in
> recognition of problems. there are others - But DON't please cast something in
> concrete that we can't reasonably expect to chang. in fact as I read other
> comments- it appears that the appointes boards and harvard cinsultant folk are
> already doing the controlling
> thanks steve witkin

  Anyone that TRIES to control the internet will fail.

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