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Individual Memberships (was Re: [Membership] The People'sRepublic of ICANN?

At 12:22 PM -0800 2/11/99, Daniel Kaplan wrote:

>So my suggestion(s) is/are: No classes. Individuals and organizations can
>be members and get one vote each.

Agreed. In one sense, it is not a big deal having both organizations
and individuals as members.

However, in the case of individual memberships only, any organization
can get a vote by having its Chief Executive Officer join as an
individual and vote for the organization. After all, that is what he
is paid to do, represent the organization.

In the case of individual and organization memberships, the CEO can
join as an individual and vote as an individual, and the CEO can have
the organization join, then vote as the organization. Two votes.

Could be perceived as being unfair. Offhand, I think I perceive it as
being unfair, so I rather like the individual memberships only. No



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