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Re: Individual Memberships (was Re: [Membership] The People'sRepublic of ICANN?

>At 12:22 PM -0800 2/11/99, Daniel Kaplan wrote:
>>So my suggestion(s) is/are: No classes. Individuals and organizations can
>>be members and get one vote each.
>Agreed. In one sense, it is not a big deal having both organizations
>and individuals as members.
>In the case of individual and organization memberships, the CEO can
>join as an individual and vote as an individual, and the CEO can have
>the organization join, then vote as the organization. Two votes.
>Could be perceived as being unfair. Offhand, I think I perceive it as
>being unfair, so I rather like the individual memberships only. No

Would you consider having both individual and organizational memberships but
only individuals can vote?