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Re: [Membership] The People's Republic of ICANN?

Daniel Kaplan a écrit:

> I do not believe this difference is big enough to limit ICANN membership to
> domain names and IP address holders. But I do believe that the
> "registrants" should be given priority as far as "outreach programs" are
> concerned.

It would, IMO, be a very big mistake for ICANN to pass by the
opportunity of at least informing registrants of its existence by
including litterature in the registration package. Registration is
the beginning of a new relationship between a person and the
Internet, their introduction into the world of the DNS, of which
ICANN will be an important part. That first contact could be
all-important for both ICANN and the registrants, and also, BTW, for
the DNSO. Why let people discover ICANN when they have a problem?
Far better to include them at the very beginning, in a constructive
relationship. Isn't that what ICANN is supposed to be, anyway? An
organization of people who use the Internet? And for the DNSO it
will be even more important to have registrants identify with it,
which will be their organization in dealing with DNS issues.