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Re: [Membership] Re: Individual Memberships

Esther Dyson a écrit:
> Believe me, we'd be thrilled to have individual sponsors too!  Let us know
> if you're interested in donating.  (But you don't get anything in return
> other than satisfaction and your name on our Website, just like the
> corporate donors.)

I had thought of donating, although the amount I could give would be
picayune in relation to what ICANN needs and what the corporate
sponsors can afford to give. But a number of things deterred me: the
knowledge that I would be attacked for doing so and lose whatever
small influence remains to me on these lists; a fear of no longer
being able to participate in ICANN membership discussions; and my
own ambiguous feelings towards ICANN, which is doing things I don't
think it should, or not yet. It´s too dangerous for me, or for any
other individual directly involved, to be a sponsor of ICANN.

But I hope you get some adequate funding soon. It will be a shame if
ICANN disappears. This is such an interesting experience, don't you