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Re: [Membership] Re: Individual Memberships

That's actually a good idea - the recognition part, anyway! (What's the
opposite of honorary?  Seems to me you all are the non-honorary membership


At 03:14 PM 15/02/99 +1200, you wrote:
><html><div>At 20:31 14/02/99 -0500, Esther Dyson wrote:</div>
><div>&gt;Believe me, we'd be thrilled to have individual sponsors
>too!&nbsp; Let us know</div>
><div>&gt;if you're interested in donating.&nbsp; (But you don't get
>anything in return</div>
><div>&gt;other than satisfaction and your name on our Website, just like
><div>&gt;corporate donors.)</div>
><div>How about a recognition on the website for the hundreds of hours
>that we have donated&nbsp; contributing our ideas and arguing our points
>of view for the benefit of the community at large?</div>
><div>Professional time coming at, say, $80-$120 an hour?</div>
><div>Just kidding.</div>
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