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Re: [Membership] Re: Individual Memberships

Daniel Kaplan a écrit:

> To me, the way ICANN has been financed from October 1998 until 
> now is a slightly different issue: since there has been no real 
> provision on funding, I don't know how ICANN could do otherwise 
> in the very short run. 

There are many non-profit funding sources in the U.S., both
governmental and private. The Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller
Foundation come to mind. The U.N. funds international non-profit
organizations of public utility. Most non-profit organizations in
the U.S. derive their funding from these sources. Why has ICANN
instead taken money from businesses? Could it be that those
businesses were instrumental in creating ICANN and choosing its
present Board, and that their funding of it is therefore a natural
consequence, and that ICANN has thus already been captured, exactly
what you hope to prevent from happening?

> But I agree it should not last.

Will it be any better if ICANN is supported by fees from a cartel of
registries and registrars it has created and which it controls and