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Re: [Membership] Re: Individual Memberships

A 19:25 14/02/99 -0500, Michael Sondow a écrit :
>Daniel Kaplan makes a proposal that has a false premise. He says "I
>would not like ICANN to be sponsored by firms." The premise is that
>ICANN is not yet sponsored by firms. This is false. The GIP firms
>are sponsoring it. 
>Recently, a call was put out by one of the GIP organizers (I forget
>who, maybe Vincent Cerf) for more money from the GIP member firms
>for ICANN. Daniel Kaplan says he wouldn't like ICANN to have
>corporate sponsoring. I'd like to know what he has to say to the
>present corporate sponsoring. 
>Will Mr. Kaplan reply?

Why wouldn't I reply?

1/ I was personnally not aware of how ICANN was financed until the recent
exchange of messages. 

2/ To me, the way ICANN has been financed from October 1998 until now is a
slightly different issue: since there has been no real provision on
funding, I don't know how ICANN could do otherwise in the very short run.
But I agree it should not last.

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