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Re: [Membership] Re: Individual Memberships

Michael and all,

  Your comment here Michael renews an old addage in politics.  That
being that "Money is the mothers milk of politics".  This may be good food
for thought when considering how, who and in what manner the ICANN
is funded.

  Another "Axiom" in the any technology industry is, "There are NO
political solutions to technical problems".  However there ARE technical
solutions to political problems as they relate to directly and indirectly
to membership.

Michael Bracker wrote:

> hi,
> At 01:31 16.02.99 , Greg Skinner wrote:
> >My guess is that most of the companies who would advertise on ICANN's
> >site would be large software, ISP, and telecom companies.  In effect,
> >the results would be the same.
> yes, I think like this, too (=>companies).
> But is it really the same if you **sell** somebody something or get money
> from a company as a present and the firms don't have any returns? I think
> ICANN would be more credible in this way because in the other ways where
> ICANN is really sponsored somebody could think about a corrupt organization
> and I don't think that anybody here want this.
> bye,
> Michael


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