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Re: [Membership] Why language is not the issue

Othe comments, especially from those non-native-English speakers (who of
course are not the non-ENglish speakers who are not on this list)?


At 06:44 PM 15/02/99 -0600, Eric Weisberg wrote:
>Esther Dyson wrote:
>> Which means they need to read & write English
>You either have one global list or several regional lists. 
>If you only have one, people will post in whatever language
>they want, but most will use English.  If there are regional
>lists, you will have a language problem in most quadrants of
>the globe (lack of uniformity) and English may turn out to
>be the universal solvent in all but Hispanola.  In either
>case, the IFWP can form the NUCLEUS (if not the bulk) of the
>ICANN membership--globally or regionally.
>Thus, language, while an important concern, is irrelevant in
>deciding whether to use the IFWP constituency as the nucleus
>of ICANN.

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