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RE: [Membership] Remote Participation in the Singapore Open Meeting

OK, I am relatively new to this discussion, but what gives...it sounds rather caustic.

Michael Gendron

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Subject:	Re: [Membership] Remote Participation in the Singapore Open  Meeting

Clare Wardle wrote:
> If ICANN is looking to a worldwide constituency, and to get 
> the opinions of those outside the US, just possibly including
> some of the millions of people who live in Singapore, then it
> is not entirely unreasonable that they should hold nearly as
> many meetings outside the US as inside it.  There is no plan,
> naturally, to cover all the countries using the internet, 
> including the UK, Japan, etc., etc., but I think that broadly 
> speaking, that having these meetings is really pro, rather than 
> anti democratic.

 The so-called International meetings remind me
 of the IOC Olympic corruption. It's a show on the
 road seeking fat contributions and attracting all
 the most sorted lawyer, Corporate TM types and
 regular cast of ICANN/IAHC cretins. All of whom
 generally ignore any and all input that deviates
 from their silly commercial, think big agenda.
 It's all a sham Clare. And Ben's Berkman Centre
 is just one of the co-conspirators. They ain't
 listening to me or to anyone not in 100% agreement.

 Bob Allisat

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