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RE: [Membership] Remote Participation in the Singapore Open Meeting

I, Bob Allisat, wrote:
+ The so-called International meetings remind me
+ of the IOC Olympic corruption. It's a show on the
+ road seeking fat contributions and attracting all
+ the most sorted lawyer, Corporate TM types and
+ regular cast of ICANN/IAHC cretins. All of whom
+ generally ignore any and all input that deviates
+ from their silly commercial, think big agenda.
+ It's all a sham Clare. And Ben's Berkman Centre
+ is just one of the co-conspirators. They ain't
+ listening to me or to anyone not in 100% agreement.

Michael Gendron commented:
= OK, I am relatively new to this discussion, but what gives...it
= sounds rather caustic.

 So it is Michael. This conflict has been going on for
 nearly five (5) years. And I've been following this 
 entire mess every step of the way. Whenever there is
 the remotest hope of consensus and resolution the same
 old crowd push their same old, stupid solutions in the
 way. With their meaningless, globe trotting conferences,
 endless variation of ACRONYMS but generally constant
 theme: we tell you what to do. And what they want to
 do isn't very pretty.

 There will be no new inexpensive, independantly operated
 Domain Names, no abundance of IP Addresses, no easy to
 understand or fair to the average citizen regulations and
 no democratic or popular input in decision making. There
 will be policies forced into place by a small number of
 corrupt insiders. Policies that favour large corporations
 and Trademark holders. There will be a continuation of the 
 artificial scarcity of IP Addresses and only a handful of 
 centralized and wildly expensive New Domain Names. 

 The same people pushing all of these things will be the ones
 making in all that money they are setting themselves up to be
 the sole recipients of. Because, surprise, surprise, this is
 singularly and entirely about money and the power to determine
 who will/will not make money. And average citizens like me
 will be the suckers left holding the bill. Again. Just like
 we are right now. Not f*cking likely and over my dead and
 mutilated body. Having come this far I just think my future
 is ruined enough to try and make events unfold in directions
 other than those that will lead to our collective and my
 personal demise. Sound caustic? Is caustic. Must be caustic.

 Bob Allisat

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