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RE: [Membership] A Model for Community & Global -

Dear Joesph@LaBaron.net

Thanks for your thoughts.

I created the model because ICANN is looking for a mechanism to
facilitate electing At-Large members to the Board of Governors. The
model provides bona fide voters.

An ICANN link with local governments that certify Internet users is one
way to organize a global voting list. I suspect that a year 2000
election following the model I outlined would offer hundreds of thousand
bona fide Internet users.

It might not be the final solution but a good second step.

Tom Lowenhaupt

JO>Thanks, Tom, for posting the very interesting report of your Web-space
JO>community building.

JO>However, as I understand it, ICANN is building an organization, not a
JO>community.  ICANN's goals, needs, structure, and operation, therefore,
JO>probably will be -- and probably should be --  quite different.

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