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Re: [Membership] A Model for Community & Global -

Dear Richard Bohn,

Your comment -

RI>I love your humanness and the warm voice you speak with is a welcome
RI>infusion of compassionate motivation.  I look forward to the tsunami of
RI>critical comment.

gave me a giggle. Indeed, too often people loose their humanity when the
raw basics seem to be the issue.

However, ecommerce can survive in my model. So I suspect most people
sniffing around here will find it acceptable.

It does allow geographically based ISPs to gain a better toehold in the
distance insensitive and geographically ignorant Internet. I'd guess
this would benefit the cable and local telcos in the short term. So
maybe the national ISPs will offer a critical comment.

But I'll batten the hatches, just in case.

Thanks for the warning.

Tom Lowenhaupt

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