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[Membership] Re: [IFWP] A Model for Community & Global Governan


I only copied IFWP with the message "A Model for Community & Global
Governance"; the original went to ICANN's membership advisory committee

I was suggesting to ICANN that an affiliation with our neighborhood
effort (and similar ones around the world) would provide them with the
bona fide voting membership they are looking for.

How better are they getting Internet users to vote for their At Large
members? While there have been several suggestions, the one I put
forward seems quite doable, and is worthy of consideration (IMHO).

Tom Lowenhaupt

GD>I'm a little confused as to why you don't seek registration somewhere
GD>within the US domain, and build your community network there.  It
GD>seems to me that most of what you want to do can be done without ICANN

GD>toml@communisphere.com wrote:

GD>>However, ecommerce can survive in my model. So I suspect most people
GD>>sniffing around here will find it acceptable.

GD>>It does allow geographically based ISPs to gain a better toehold in the
GD>>distance insensitive and geographically ignorant Internet. I'd guess
GD>>this would benefit the cable and local telcos in the short term. So
GD>>maybe the national ISPs will offer a critical comment.


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