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Re: [Membership] RE: Government Advisiory Committe

Michael Sondow asked:

MS>Is there an association of local governments, in the U.S. and elsewhere?

Yes,   there   are  many.  There's  the  National  Civic   League   at

National Civic League's mission is to strengthen citizen democracy by
transforming democratic institutions.  It's having the 105th annual
meeting on governance this october 14-16 in Arlington, Virginia.

http://www.nlc.org/localgov.htmhttp://www.nlc.org/localgov.htm1894 by
Theodore Roosevelt, Louis Brandeis and other turn of the century
progressives, NCL is an advocacy organization vigorously promoting the
principles of collaborative problem-solving and consensus-based decision
making in local community building. NCL accomplishes its mission through
technical assistance, training, publishing, research, and an awards

They are having their 105th annual meeting on governance this October
14-16 in Arlington, Virginia.

Also, the following web page lists a dozen organizations with a similar
focus. These are all U.S. based. http://www.nlc.org/localgov.htm

I'd imagine many countries have similar organizations and that there are
international organizations on cities.

It seems appropriate that the interests of these governmental units (and
the people they serve) should be represented on the ICANN Governmental
Advisory Committee.

Tom Lowenhaupt

MS>toml@communisphere.com a Icrit:
MS>> Why only these government forms?
MS>> "Consisting of representatives of national governments, multinational
MS>> governmental organizations and treaty organizations, the Governmental
MS>> Advisory Committee (GAC) will act as an independent advisory body to
MS>> ICANN's Board of Directors."