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[Membership] Singapore Shmingapore!

 Your meeting is bogus Ms. Van Houweling. ICANN has no, nul,
 authority to take any proposals let alone begin deliberations
 concerning the future of the thousand of millions of dollars
 in commerce and hundred million people of the internet. ICANN
 is just another silly little power grabbing clique among many
 and deserves to be treated as such: ignored with contempt and
 attacked with virtual hosility and force should ya'll persevere
 in your rather huge folly. And by participating, yes Virginia,
 you condone and empower this error. Does COLLABORATOR sound
 accurate? How about "TURNCOAT" (as in Bendict Arnold)?

 Bob Allisat

 Free Community Network _ bob@fcn.net
 http://fcn.net _ http://fcn.net/allisat