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[Membership] ICANN Supporters BOYCOTT !!

http://www.icann.org/contributors.html ...
+ The ICANN Board of Directors thanks the following contributors
+ to the ICANN Startup Fund for their generosity:
+ Compaq Computer Corporation, $25,000
+ IBM, $25,000
+ MCI Worldcom, $25,000
+ Netscape Communications Corporation, $15,000
+ Paul D. Stauffer, $1,000
+ Symantec, $15,000
+ UUNET, $25,000

 Hmm... as suggested by an esteemed collegue perhaps this list is
 a nice start to some form of boycott. Add to that the good folks 
 behind the IAHC/CORE <http://www.corenic.org/number.htm> and we
 have quite the nice beginings of an anti-ICANN boycott/protest!

 Bob Allisat

 Free Community Network _ bob@fcn.net
 http://fcn.net _ http://fcn.net/allisat