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[Membership] Nelson: ICANN Red Cross Style (?!)

Mike Nelson (quoted) refering to various open governance proposals :
= ... if the Red Cross doesn't operate under these procedures,
= why should ICANN?

 From: http://hivinsite.ucsf.edu ...

+ A Harsh Rebuke
+ DeMont, John
+ Maclean's (12/08/97) Vol. 110, No. 49, P. 20 
+ The infection of thousands of Canadians with HIV and the hepatitis C
+ virus in the late 1970s and 1980s by tainted blood, could have been
+ avoided, according to the final report by Justice Horace Krever on
+ his investigation into the country's largest medical scandal of the
+ century. However, some critics are disappointed with the report--which
+ took 4 years and nearly Canadian $17 million dollars to complete--for
+ failing to place any blame for the disaster.
+ The Canadian Supreme Court ruled in September that the report could
+ only state facts and not assign blame to any individuals. However, the
+ report does document the many factors that led to the crisis and makes
+ 50 recommendations on how to improve the country's blood supply system.
+ The report claims that key events leading up to the crisis included
+ the failure of the Bureau of Biologics to enact a system of checks
+ that would have effectively monitored the blood supply, much of which
+ came from the United States where AIDS was becoming more prevalent.
+ The report continues to claim that government officials were more
+ concerned with avoiding public questions and a scandal than ensuring
+ public safety, and the decision by  the Canadian Red Cross to use up its
+ supply of non-heated blood concentrates was also a factor.
+ Krever's primary recommendation has already been embraced by the
+ government, which plans by September 1998 to begin operating a C$81
+ million new blood supply system that is independent of the Red Cross.
+ Krever also suggested making no-fault compensation payments to all
+ tainted blood recipients,  whether they are infected with HIV or
+ hepatitis C. The government has yet to make a definite response. 

> Canadian Investigation Into Blood Tainted With HIV
> and Hep C Virus Continues
> Reuters Health Information Services (01/01/98) 
> According to a recent issue of AIDS Policy & Law, a commission inquiry
> headed by Justice Horace Krever of Canada's Ontario Court of Appeal
> concluded that hundreds of HIV and hepatitis C cases could have been
> prevented had Canadian government regulators and medical suppliers
> taken stricter safety measures. Liability has not yet been assigned,
> but the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have launched an investigation
> into possible wrongdoing and Krever has placed 95 government, Red
> Cross, and pharmaceutical company officials on notice. The report's
> findings include the fact that officials did not begin to test blood
> for HIV until eight months after the United States began testing; blood
> from high-risk donors was not rejected during the early 1980s; and the
> Canadian Red Cross was "ineffective" in protecting the nation's blood
> supply...

 The lesson of the Canadian Red Cross is that no matter
 how non-profit and allegedly benificial an organization
 may preport to be, void of any accountability or oversight 
 mechanisms it is prone to often disasterous error and
 incompetance. The Canadian Red Cross directly allowed
 tens of thousands of Canadians to die unecessary deaths
 as a result of AIDs/HepC. Through a tragicomic series of
 face saving bungles of epic preportions the entire
 populace was placed at risk for YEARS. The Canadian
 Red Cross no longer has anything to do with the provision
 of blood supplies to the citizens of this nation.

 Another organization modeled similarly to the Red Cross
 is the Olympic so-called Movement's International Organizing
 Committee. And we have witnessed what a cesspool of
 corruption and self-serving graft this body is. I suppose
 Nelson would probaby support the idea the statement "If
 the IOC doesn't operate under these procedures, why should

 If ICANN is modeled in a similar manner to the Red
 Cross or the IOC and if ICANN is somehow given or other-
 wise acquires control over Internet technical standards,
 Domain Names, IP number alocation and dispute resolution
 we can expect and deserve all the scandals and cheating,
 favouritism and disaster that will surely arise from
 such a disaster. In fact the string of errors and narrow
 minded tracking to fiasco is already in full swing under
 the mad hand of Mr. Roberts and his elorious defender
 Ms. Dyson. To avoid this outcome ICANN must either be
 entirely restructured or abandoned entirely. Our choice.

 To procede further invites cyber catastrophe.

 Bob Allisat

 Free Community Network _ bob@fcn.net
 http://fcn.net _ http://fcn.net/allisat