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Re: [Membership]It's the Bandwidth, s..(was: A Model for Community)

Jeff wrote:

>  Now, I realize that you are trying to be nice to Esther.  And that is just
>But when anyone in her position makes a absolute ludicrous statement
>that is well known to be non-factual it need to be pointed out, and STRONGLY
>so!  If this is Esthers, and I hope not truly your, thinking, you are far
>behind the curve.  In Esthers case, it is inexcusable....
>> >From the end of a very narrow pipe..

The only reason I posted, was to remind this list of the very real bandwidth
problems that exist in the Third world. I had the phone message "all
circuits are busy" last night, when I wanted to send the email out.  I like
to make  the not-so-bandwidth-considerate US-centered posters, such as
yourself, aware.
Sorry that you didn't get it. Read it again.
And don't write. Each of your html-filled messages actually costs me 5 pesos
Cross postings are a real pest under no-bandwidth conditions.

It would be inexcusable if Esther would think as US-centered as you, but
fortunately she doesn't.
from the end of a very narrow pipe,