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Re: [Membership]It's the Bandwidth, s..(was: A Model for Community)

Joop and all,

Joop Teernstra wrote:

> Jeff wrote:
> >  Now, I realize that you are trying to be nice to Esther.  And that is just
> >fine.
> >But when anyone in her position makes a absolute ludicrous statement
> >that is well known to be non-factual it need to be pointed out, and STRONGLY
> >so!  If this is Esthers, and I hope not truly your, thinking, you are far
> >behind the curve.  In Esthers case, it is inexcusable....
> >
> >>
> >>
> >> >From the end of a very narrow pipe..
> The only reason I posted, was to remind this list of the very real bandwidth
> problems that exist in the Third world. I had the phone message "all
> circuits are busy" last night, when I wanted to send the email out.  I like
> to make  the not-so-bandwidth-considerate US-centered posters, such as
> yourself, aware.

  I am aware that there are some problems with attaining bandwidth in
some third world countries.  Most of this problem is economic based
however and is lessening almost daily.  We have operations in
125 countries currently and have little or no problems with bandwidth
presently.  So your comment of me being US centric is completely
unjustified and does not address that comment which Esther made
at any rate, nor my response to it.

> Sorry that you didn't get it. Read it again.
> And don't write. Each of your html-filled messages actually costs me 5 pesos
> here.
> Cross postings are a real pest under no-bandwidth conditions.
> It would be inexcusable if Esther would think as US-centered as you, but
> fortunately she doesn't.

  As I said (See above) and have said many times before we are in no way
US centric, as we built our organization from the outside in.  Most of
our operations come from OUTSIDE of the US.

> from the end of a very narrow pipe,

  Your assumption is incorrect.  (See comments above)

> -Joop-
> www.democracy.org.nz


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