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Re: [Membership] [Advisory Notice from IHOJ] Subject: Unsavory Individules "NetKooks"

Brian C. Hollingsworth wrote:
> Dear Mr. Williams,
> Please forward this note to all the relevant public E-Mail lists to
> which you have
> so kindly provided forwarding posts from for our review.
> Too all concerned,
>   Upon recent review of the IHOJ judicial review and the EU Advisory
> council for Public Affairs and Internet Policy has been monitoring
> several
> discussion lists courtesy of Mr. Jeffrey A. Williams, regarding subjects
> with interest in Internet affairs and policy, have compiled a list of
> individuals
> that are considered of an "Unsavory or questionable character".  This
> list
> includes the following individuals:
> William X. Walsch
> Mike Roberts (ICANN Interim Board CEO)
> Joe Simms
> Kent Crispin
> Dr. Eberhard W. Lisse
> D. Crocker
> Robert Shaw ( ITU )
> Bret A. Fausett
> Christopher Ambler
> Amadeu Abril i Abril
> Roberto Gaetano
> Antony Van Couvering
> Kevin J. Connolly
>   This list will be forwarded to all participating Internet Service
> providers, Internet
> Access Providers, and relevant consulate offices as per request.
>   In the near future, a web page will be available for public review.
> Sincerely,
> --
> Brian C. Hollingsworth
> Sr. Legal Advisor, International House of Justice Internet
> Communications
> Affairs and Policy
> Advisory council for Public Affairs and Internet Policy, European Union
DEar Sirs
I have the fortune not to be included in the above list.  However, I
would like to know base on what authority (and audacity!) you are
allowed to compile such a list and publish it? 
I do not know all the candidates on your list but I do know some of them
and they are all people that I have come to respect (and some greatly!).
No regards.
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Bangkok Bank Building
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