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Re: [Membership] Fees for Organizations

Dr Quaynor makes a cogent point. Is it possible to clarify whether the proposal
is for organizations qua members to pay, or organizations  who are part of the
other side of the SO structure ? If the blurry distinction between public and
private good has any meaning (and often it doesn't), it needs to be clarified

Dr Nii Quaynor wrote:

> Does this create two classes of members, paying and non-paying? How would we
> manage the influences of the paying members so that organizations dont
> capture the At-Large? Is this consistent with the intent of the At-Large vs
> SOs? Is this a back-door take-over for the very group some of sought to
> exclude from the At-large initially?
> I can be convinced but I feel uncomfortable about it right now.
> Nii


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