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Re: [Membership] Fees for Organizations

I believe that paying is different from voting.  I don't see that paying equals
capture in the at-large where the individual members can easily (if they enroll in
large enough numbers) outnumber the organizational members.  Secondly, not all
organizations think alike.  They don't share the same interests and can even be
fiercely competitive.  I don't know that they will somehow vote as a block on any
particular issue, although it could happen.  Thirdly, permitting the at-large to be
a source of revenue for ICANN would tend to counterbalance the "revenue power" that
the SOs would have if they are the sole source of income.  The money has to come
from somewhere, but I would hope we can distribute it as evenly as possible so that
no one entity (one corporation, one major donor, etc.) is in a position to be a
financial dictator.

Diane Cabell

Mark Measday wrote:

> Dr Quaynor makes a cogent point. Is it possible to clarify whether the proposal
> is for organizations qua members to pay, or organizations  who are part of the
> other side of the SO structure ? If the blurry distinction between public and
> private good has any meaning (and often it doesn't), it needs to be clarified
> here.
> Dr Nii Quaynor wrote:
> >
> > Does this create two classes of members, paying and non-paying? How would we
> > manage the influences of the paying members so that organizations dont
> > capture the At-Large? Is this consistent with the intent of the At-Large vs
> > SOs? Is this a back-door take-over for the very group some of sought to
> > exclude from the At-large initially?
> >
> > I can be convinced but I feel uncomfortable about it right now.
> >
> > Nii
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