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[Membership] Re: Peripheral comments on MAC recommendations

Mark Measday wrote:
    1.  At-large membership should primarily represent those individuals and organizations that are not represented by the Supporting Organizations (SOs). 

Why primarily? Who else should it represent? Shouldn't this be clarified?
Because some of the at-large members may be organizations/individuals who are also represented in the SOs (we permit cross-registration for individuals, for example).  For example, individual members of the IETF may also join the at-large.
Why not assume that most people are honest and allow on-line registration to stand, with publication of the registrants? Then details could be required if
challenged, conceivably paid for by the challenger. This should minimise the cost of registration, voter fraud and allow quick and easy on-line
  We aren't yet certain where the privacy lines should be drawn.  This is still a work in progress.

Diane Cabell