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.com/.net/.org Whois Committee

The .com/.net/.org Whois Committee was convened by the ICANN staff to give advice on implementation of Whois service for the .com/.net/.org domains as required under the Registrar Accreditation Agreement. The Committee addressed implementation questions posed in a 1 December 2000 letter to the Committee from the ICANN staff. In March 2001, the Committee provided a response with two recommendations:

  • .com/.net/.org registrars should provide Whois replies in a standard format.
  • A standard Whois format should be phased in as expeditiously as possible that does not rely on TCP port 43, such as the XML-based format, which is described in detail in the Internet draft 'Whois Export and Exchange Format' of January 26, 2001. This standard should be developed in coordination with the IETF.

The committee's work was concluded in April 2001. The ICANN staff is currently studying how these recommendations might be implemented in the context of the registrars' accreditation agreements and expects then to consult with registrars and the IETF.

.com/.net/.org Whois Committee Members


      Domain Bank
      Melbourne IT
      NSI Registrar


      VeriSign Global Registry Services

Intellectual Property Interests:

      Motion Picture Association of America
      Recording Industry Association of America


Committee Documents

Related Developments

DNSO Whois (Policy-Development) Committee

The .com/.net/.org Whois Committee's charter was to develop recommendations for the ICANN staff on implmentation considerations under the contractual provisions already in place between ICANN and .com/.net/.org registrars. The Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO), which is primarily responsible for working toward consensus-based recommentations on domain-name-system policy, has formed a Whois committee, which is chaired by Paul Kane. Proposals for changes in Whois policy and similar comments should be directed to the Domain Name Support Organization.

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