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Abdelaziz Hilali – AFRALO


1. From your perspective as AFRALO chair, what is the importance of ATLAS II?
- ATLAS II will mark an important event for the community of end users around the world. More than 160 At-Large Structures from the five regions will gather in one space. This meeting is important on multiple levels as they will allow different ALS to share their experiences and to participate in the current debate on Internet Governance and the overall strategic and future development of ICANN.

2. What is the goal or objective that you intend to see accomplished by ATLAS II?
There are at least three main objectives. These are:
- Sensitize the community to the importance of participating to the debates on Internet governance and on the shaping of the institutions that will manage global communication in the future.
- Mobilize and motivate ALSes to be involved in their own Internet communities to encourage members of their own online and National Internet communities to add their voices, concerns and perspectives to these debates.
- Promote the effective participation of Africa in the global Internet governance and capacity building in understanding the growing industry of domain names and its role in the development of so-called digital economy.

3. What are the expected results in terms of regional and global participation in ATLAS II?
Some of the expected results are:
- The implementation of mechanisms and Installation of tools that will allow ALS to promote awareness and disseminate information at the local level;
- The promotion of outreach, education, training and capacity building
- The support of young entrepreneurs in the industry of domain names in developing countries.

4. What do you consider are the next steps to be followed after ATLAS II to provide continuity and implementation of proposals that are developed there?
- RALOs can be an important channel between ICANN and local communities to monitor the implementation of summit proposals.

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