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Education, Capacity Building, Mentoring

ATLAS II Mentoring Program Working Group


The ATLAS II Mentoring Program Working Group will plan and coordinate the execution of the ATLAS II Mentoring Program. The ALAC members and volunteers of each RALO will serve as Mentors. ATLAS II Draft Mentoring Program ATLAS II List of Mentors and Mentees ATLAS II Mentoring Program Questions and Answers ATLAS II Mentoring Program Feedback Read more…

What Does ICANN Do? – Video


Beginner’s Guides

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ICANN Beginner’s Guides are booklets intended to help newcomers to a topic quickly grasp the basics. Created at the request of the At-Large community (the voice of the individual Internet user within ICANN), these Guides help de-mystify some of the complexity within ICANN‘s technical coordination and policy-making mission. Beginner’s Guide to Participating in ICANN [PDF, 1.07 MB] Created to introduce Read more…