Workshop: Board Governance Committee At-Large Review Working Group Discussion

06/25/2008 - 14:00
06/25/2008 - 15:30
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Utrillo (Main Room)
What it is | The second workshop will provide the opportunity for more detailed discussion of the recommendations contained in the ALAC review.

What it is important | Members of the Board Governance Committee Working Group will be there to hear the views of the community and to engage in dialogue about the future of ALAC.

Who should attend? | The workshop is open to everyone and all those who have an interest in the future of ALAC should attend.

Approach | The discussion will be structured to allow opportunities for those who are participating remotely to take part in the discussion. Please make (brief and succinct) comments or ask questions through the public participation site.

In an attempt to cover as many comments and questions as possible, members of the audience on the day are also encouraged to submit written responses through the public participation site.

It would be useful if those attending the workshop read at least the executive summary of the report [pdf] beforehand.

“Office Hours” events

In addition to these workshops, there will be two "Office Hour" events. These will be two 90 minute sessions where members of the community can talk to the working group members about the ALAC review and its recommendations.

The times are:

  • Wednesday 9-11, Hemingway Room
  • Thursday 10-12, Corner of the foyer farthest from meeting rooms


Our intention is to provide a less formal setting in which people can engage in deeper and longer conversations than are possible at workshops or at the regular working group meetings.

Summaries of the main points raised will be published on the ALAC public comment site.