Schedule and Agendas

1:001:00Saturday, June 21, 2008
9:0017:30GNSO Council Working SessionChagall
9:0012:00EURALO Board MeetingJacob
14:0017:00EURALO General AssemblyJacob
15:0018:00IDNC WG MeetingMiller
0:000:00Sunday, June 22, 2008
8:4510:00ALAC & GNSO Joint SessionRodin
9:0012:00GAC Working Group on IDNs - Discussion of Fast Track Modalities (CLOSED)Picasso
9:0013:00Arab ccTLDs MeetingCendrars
10:0017:30GNSO Council Working SessionChagall
11:3018:30ALAC/At-Large Policy & Planning OneDay #3Rodin
13:0017:00ASIWIG MeetingJacob
14:0015:45GAC Working Group on IDNs - Discussion of IDN Issues Paper (CLOSED)Picasso
14:0016:00ccNSO IANA Working Group (CLOSED)Cendrars
16:0018:00GAC Interaction with GNSO CouncilPicasso
0:000:00Monday, June 23, 2008
8:309:30Public Forum: President's Report & CommentsUtrillo (Main Room)
9:0015:00ccTLD Technical MeetingChagall
9:3010:00Welcome CeremonyUtrillo (Main Room)
10:0011:00Workshop: Operating PlanUtrillo (Main Room)
10:0012:30Workshop: Presentation of Recommendations of IDNC WG for Fast Track Process IDN ccTLDsHemingway
10:0010:10BUSINESS ACCESS: Welcome from the ChairmanPicasso
10:0011:30Workshop: Internet end-users & the Transition from IPv4 to IPv6Rodin
10:1012:30BUSINESS ACCESS: Info. Session on new gTLDs & IDNsPicasso
11:0012:30Workshop: Protection for Registrants in an Evolving MarketUtrillo (Main Room)
12:3013:30BUSINESS ACCESS: IPv6 PresentationGiacometti
13:0014:00Joint ALAC/ccNSO Council Meeting (CLOSED)Rodin
13:3015:30Workshop: JPA Discussion & President's Strategy Committee Presentation: Public InputUtrillo (Main Room)
13:3015:00SSAC Open MeetingHemingway
14:0015:00Orientation session for new and returning ccTLDsJacob
15:0016:30Workshop: At-Large ReviewHemingway
16:0018:30Workshop: New gTLDs - Shaping the Future of the Internet?Utrillo (Main Room)
19:0021:30Welcome Cocktailoff-site
19:0021:30Cocktail de Bienvenue
0:000:00Tuesday, June 24, 2008
9:0017:00gTLD Registries Constituency MeetingHemingway
9:0012:30GAC Plenary (CLOSED)Picasso
9:0017:00Registrars Constituency MeetingModigliani
9:0017:00Non-Commercial Business Users Constituency (NCUC)Jacob
9:0017:30ccNSO Members MeetingChagall
9:0010:00At-Large Regional SecretariatsRodin
10:0012:30Cross Constituency MeetingUtrillo (Main Room)
10:3012:30At-Large Community with ICANN Board MembersRodin
14:0017:00Internet Service & Connectivity Providers Constituency (ISP)Miller
14:0017:00Commercial and Business Users Constituency (CBUC)Utrillo (Main Room)
14:0017:30GAC Plenary (CLOSED)Picasso
14:0014:45Intellectual Property Interests Open Session on Protecting IP in New gTLDsGiacometti
14:4517:00Intellectual Property Interests Constituency MeetingGiacometti
15:3017:00At-Large Advisory Committee MeetingRodin
17:0018:00ALAC/NCUC Joint SessionJacob
17:3018:30GAC Meeting with the ICANN Board (OPEN SESSION)Picasso
0:000:00Wednesday, June 25, 2008
8:0012:00Open GNSO Council MeetingUtrillo (Main Room)
8:309:00GAC Program Committee Meeting (CLOSED)Picasso
9:0013:00GAC Plenary (CLOSED)Picasso
9:0015:30ccNSO Members MeetingChagall
13:0014:00GNSO Improvements ImplementationUtrillo (Main Room)
13:0015:30DNSSEC Public MeetingHemingway
14:0018:00GAC Drafting of Communique (CLOSED)Picasso
14:0015:30Workshop: Board Governance Committee At-Large Review Working Group DiscussionUtrillo (Main Room)
15:3016:30Workshop: Internet Governance & International OrganisationsHemingway
16:0019:00Public ForumUtrillo (Main Room)
16:0017:00ccNSO Council MeetingChagall
19:0023:00Gala Event @ Hôtel de Ville (City Hall)off-site
19:0023:00Le Gala se tiendra dans les salons de l'Hôtel de Ville
0:000:00Thursday, June 26, 2008
8:309:30ALAC/Registrar Constituency MeetingRodin
9:0012:00Workshop: IPv6 for Registries & RegistrarsHemingway
9:0012:00Workshop: IDNsUtrillo (Main Room)
11:0012:00At-Large Community | Meeting on At-Large Summit ProposalRodin
12:0014:15Joint ccNSO/GNSO Council MeetingRodin
13:0014:30Workshop: Translation ProgrammeUtrillo (Main Room)
13:0014:30Workshop: Registrar UDRP ComplianceHemingway
15:0016:00Public Forum: Reports of Supporting Organisations & Advisory Committees to the BoardUtrillo (Main Room)
16:0018:00Meeting of the ICANN BoardUtrillo (Main Room)
0:000:00Friday, June 27, 2008
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