GNSO Council Working Session

06/22/2008 - 10:00
06/22/2008 - 17:30
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What it is | The Generic Names Supporting Organisation's (GNSO) face to face meetings are open sessions.

Who should attend? | Anyone interested in the GNSO's policy work is free to attend.


Agenda details: 

Proposed Agenda for GNSO Working Session in Paris 22 June 2008
Remote participation possible

Joint meeting with ALAC (8:15 -10:00)

(Agenda is subject to review by both groups)

1. Public Comment Period Length: Given the ALAC and hierarchical At-Large structure, and the typical lack of easy to understand and multi-lingual documentation, ALAC is faced with a very difficult problem in responding to the typical 30 comment periods. How do other constituencies address this and to what extent should ICANN adjust processes.

2. Improving communications:
Improving communications between At-large groups and GNSO constituency members at the local and regional level.

3. GNSO Improvements
Alternative proposal on GNSO structure: brief discussion of how the ALAC came to support the recent alternative proposal on GNSO structure, specifically what ALAC would like to see coming out of any changes, and how Councillors perceive these issues.

Break (10:00 -10:30)

Reconvene in Chagall

4. New gTLDs - Update on dispute issues, Open Issues? (10:30 -11:30)
Final Report on the Introduction of New Top-Level Domains approved by the GNSO Council on 6 September 2007

5. IANA/ICANN names - what is the process for changing Reserved names beyond the new gTLD process (11:30 -12:00)

6. Single Character Second-Level Domain Names (12:00 -12:30)
ICANN Synthesis on Single-Character Domain Names at the Second-Level
7. Discuss Jon's Paper (12:30-13:00)
Relation between ccNSO and gNSO: New gTDLs

Lunch (13:00 -14:00) (Lunch not included)

8. IDN ccTLDs (separate from session with the GAC) (14:00 -14:45)
- Overview of IDNC key issues
- Overview of key points from 'GNSO Comments in Response to the ccNSO-GAC Issues Report on IDN Issues'

GNSO Comments in Response to the ccNSO-GAC Issues Report on IDN Issues
Final Version – 20 February 2008
DRAFT Final REPORT Recommendations for Fast Track
- Discussion

9. ccNSO-gNSO meeting on Thursday 26 June at 12:00 - Prep (14:45 - 15:15)

10. GAC meeting prep (15:15 - 15:45)

Joint Meeting with GAC in Picasso (16:00 -18:00)

* New gTLD policy implementation
* IDN ccTLD deployment (PDP and fast track)
* ICANN GNSO WHOIS Study Group Report to the GNSO Council Recommendation on further studies of WHOIS

Board/GNSO/Staff Dinner in Giacometti - GNSO "Improvements" (19:00)
The Board dinner will begin at Le Méridien and at 21:00 (9:00pm) move to the Musée d'Orsay for cocktails and desserts at the kind invitation of Verisign.