Commercial and Business Users Constituency (CBUC)

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06/24/2008 - 14:00
06/24/2008 - 17:00
Utrillo (Main Room)
What it is | The Business Constituency is a constituency representing customers of providers of connectivity, domain names, IP addresses, protocols and other services related to electronic commerce in its broad sense.

Why it's important | The meeting will consider the reaction of commercial users to proposals to change (and potentially reduce) the way they have their say in ICANN matters. It will also look inter alia at means of policy change to prevent bad faith activity related to domain tasting and the widespread abuse of the "add grace period".

Who should attend? | Commercial users of the Internet who are interested in meaningful competition in the domain name space and improved enforcement by ICANN of its contract parties (registries and registrars) with respect to acts of bad faith facilitated by lack of enforcement.
Agenda details: 
1. Presentation from Rod Rasmussen APWG Phishing Study - 15 mins

2 . Consumer fraud issues - BC efforts to make the Internet a safe place to do business - lead Mike Rodenbaugh - 15 mins
- fast flux hosting PDP status
- domain tasting PDP status
- Whois studies status - lead Steve DelBianco

3 . Competition issues - BC efforts to make the Internet a vigorously competitive innovation-friendly place to do business - 10 mins
- new TLDs status - lead Mike Rodenbaugh

4 . GNSO reform - lead Philip
- follow up from Breakfast and cross-constituency discussions with Board
- next steps re the tripartite proposal
- need for BC statement to read to the Board during public session?
- contingency plan if Board vote is not acceptable to the BC

5. New charter for new commercial group - lead Philip
- state of play on issues mapping with the IPC and ISPs
- next steps

6. AOB