Workshop: Internet Governance & International Organisations

06/25/2008 - 15:30
06/25/2008 - 16:30
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What it is | This workshop will portray the current and prospective status of global discussions in 2008 relating to different issues about the Internet, including the OECD Ministerial meeting “Future of the Internet Economy” –in Seoul, Korea from 16-17 June 2008- the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) -in Hyderabad, India from 3-6 December 2008 – and others.

Why it's important | The wide range of topics relating to the Internet are important to all stakeholders. This event provides an opportunity to hear what is happening, the status of these areas as they are being addressed in different international forums.

Who should attend? | All those interested in the global policy aspects of ICANN's role and wider Internet governance issues.
Agenda details: 
The proposed format of the meeting will be: 5-7 minute short presentation of
each panelist. 10 minutes of discussion between panelists. 15-20 minutes for
questions from the audience.

1.- Bill Graham, Strategic Global Engagement, ISOC. / Moderator

2.- Paul Twomey, President and CEO, ICANN. To draw a few and broad remarks
about the emerging issues around Internet Governance in the international

3.- Sam Paltridge, OECD. To share the OECD perspective, post-Ministerial
meeting in Seoul, and OECD broad contributions to the international debate
on the subject of Internet Governance.

4.- Markus Kummer, IGF Secretariat. Perspective of the IGF Secretariat about
preparations for the next meeting in Hyderabad, including MAG meetings and
public consultations.

5.- Ravi Shanker, Joint. Secretary, Department of Information Technology,
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, India. from the
perspective of the next IGF hosts about preparations for the next meeting in
Hyderabad in December.