Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery Mtg

Mon 26 Oct 2009 - 13:30 - 14:30
Sapphire 4 (L3)
High Bandwidth

What It Is | This is an open meeting of the Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery Working Group to observe for members of the ICANN Community. There will be time reserved in the meeting for Q&A with members of the community, in order to allow for input and feedback.

Why It's Important | To what extent should registrants be able to reclaim
their domain names after they expire? At issue is whether the current
policies of registrars on the renewal, transfer and deletion of expired
domain names are adequate. To this end, the GNSO launched a policy
development process and created a Working Group to examine these issues and
develop recommendations, if appropriate. The objective of this meeting is to
provide the ICANN community with an update on the activities and discussions
of the Working Group to date and an opportunity to provide input to the
deliberations of the Working Group.

Who Should Attend? |  Anyone interested in post-expiration domain name
recovery related issues and/or GNSO policy development.