ALAC: Policy Issues Discussion Part 1

Tue 27 Oct 2009 - 08:30 - 11:00
Garnet (L37)
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Interpretation: There will be simultaneous French, English and Spanish interpretation for this session.

What it is: This is a meeting of the At-Large Advisory Committee (“ALAC”) to discuss current policy issues.

Why it is important:  This meeting is devoted to briefings and in-depth discussion on topical policy issues, their resonance to At-Large, and prioritisation of follow-up work.

Who should attend: Members of the At-Large Advisory Committee (“ALAC”) (also invited are the leaders of the Regional At-Large Organisations (“RALOs”)


Remote Participation Options:

  • Telephonic remote participation (English only)

Instructions on how to participate remotely may be found at this URL:


Agenda (English):

  • ALS-ccTLD Bridge (moderator: Rudi Vansnick)(0830 - 0845)
  • Education Issues for TLD Managers  Patrick Vande Walle (0845 - 0900)
  • Briefing on Compliance and RAA Amendments Update (Presentation: David Giza 0900 – 0910, Discussion (moderator: Cheryl Langdon-Orr) (0910 – 0920)
  • Discussion on the new gTLD Program (0920 – 1030)
    • Changes in the Draft Applicant Guidebook v3, Presentation Karla Valente, Karen Lenz) (0920 – 0940), Discussion and At-Large follow-up (moderators: Evan Leibovitch and Alan Greenberg) (0940 – 1020)
    • Discussion of ALAC involvement in Board IP questions to the GNSO (moderator: Alan Greenberg) (1020 – 1030)
  • Briefing Root Scaling Study + Relation to new gTLD Programme  (Presentation: Dave Piscitello (1030 – 1040), Discussion (moderators: Adam Peake and Patrick Vande Walle) (1040 – 1100)



Agenda (Français)

  • Pont entre les ALS et les ccTLD (moderateur: Rudi Vansnick)(0830 - 0845)
  • Sujets d'éducation pour les managers des TLD (moderateur: Patrick Vande Walle)(0845 - 0900)
  • Mise à jour sur la conformité et les modifications à l'Accord d'accréditation des bureaux d'enregistrement (RAA) (Présentation: David Giza)  (0900 - 0910), discussion (moderateur: Cheryl Langdon-Orr) (0910 - 0920)
  • Session d'information sur l'étude d'escalade sur le serveur racine et les implications pour le programme de nouveaux gTLD (présentation: Dave Piscitello) (TBC) (1030 - 1040), discussion (moderateurs: Adam Peake et Patrick Vande Walle) (0930 - 0950)

Agenda (Español):

  • Puente entre los ALS y los ccTLD (moderador: Rudi Vansnick)(0830 - 0845)
  • Temas de educación para directores de TLDs (moderador: Patrick Vande Walle) (0845 - 0900)
  • Actualización sobre el departamento de cumplimientos y las enmiendas al Acuerdo sobre Acreditación de Registradores (presentación: David Giza) (0900 - 0910), discusión (moderador: Cheryl Langdon-Orr) (0910 - 0920)
  • Sesión de información sobre el estudio de escala sobre el servidor raíz y las implicaciones para el programa de nuevos gTLD (presentación: Dave Piscitello)(1030 - 1040), discusión (moderadores: Adam Peake y Patrick Vande Walle) (1040 - 1100)