European Regional At-Large Organisation ("EURALO") Monthly Meeting

Wed 28 Oct 2009 - 17:00 - 18:30
Garnet (L37)
High Bandwidth

Interpretation: There will be no simultaneous interpretation for this session.

What it is: The monthly meeting of the European RALO (“EURALO”)

Why it is important: The monthly meetings of each RALO are an important opportunity for the region to coordinate, discuss policy views and track work progress on their agenda

Who should attend:
Members of EURALO and anyone else interested in the European regional community.


Remote Participation Options:


  • Telephonic remote participation (English only)

Instructions on how to participate remotely may be found at this URL:



Agenda Details:


Standing Issues:


  • 1. Roll Call and apologies
  • 2. Review of Summary minutes of 23 September 2009
  • 3. Review of Action Items of 23 August 2009
  • 4. Open Public Comment Periods


Proposed Agenda Items:


  • 1.    Results of At-Large elections/NomCom appointments and welcome to the new leadership
  • 2.    Seoul Meeting - update from Seoul
  • 3.    Process to select the At-Large Voting Board Director -click here for the At-Large Director Appointment Process Workspace
  • 4.    New gTLDs/DAG; IDN, IRT and GNSO Improvements
    • 4.1 Joint ALAC-GNSO RAA Related Activities - click here for the joint
    • ALAC-GNSO RAA Related Workspace
    • 4.2 At-Large relations with NCUC - report of EURALO working group
    • 4.3 Briefing on Proposed Bylaw Changes to Improve Accountability (TBC)
    • 4.4 Briefing on GNSO Improvements (Rob Hoggarth)
  • 5.    Recent and Upcoming Activities of ALAC (Sebastien, Adam and Patrick)
  • 6.    Review of At-Large Implementation Plan and Next Steps
  • 7.    EURALO Outreach
  • 8.    Strategic Planning for FY11
  • 9.    Initial Planning for Nairobi Meeting
  • 10.  Any other Business