GNSO Wrap-Up Session

Thu 29 Oct 2009 - 13:00 - 15:00
Garnet (L37)
High Bandwidth

The GNSO Council meets to discuss the input from the meetings during the week and plan ahead.

The meeting is open.

Who Should Attend

All interested in gTLD policy issues

Agenda Details: 

Agenda - GNSO Council Seoul Follow-up Meeting 29 October 2009 1. Agenda approval 2. Key action items under the just approved Council Operating Procedures 3. Council meeting schedule for next 12-months (due in 30 days) a. Discussion of key factors b. Decisions i. Day of meetings? ii. Frequency of meetings? iii. Time of meetings? c. Next meeting i. Thursday, 12 Nov ii. Thursday, 19 Nov - Day after IGF ends in Egypt iii. Thursday, 26 Nov - Major holiday in the USA iv. Time? d. Process for developing 12-month calendar 4. Staff item (Liz Gasster) 5. Work prioritization process initiation a. Workload information prepared by Staff b. Methodology i. Tools ii. Small drafting team? 6. Review & discussion of Seoul GNSO meetings a. Pros & cons b. Lessons learned 7. ICANN Strategic Plan (Theresa Swinehart) 8. Observer participation in weekend meetings - next steps? 9. AOB