Commercial and Business Users Constituency (BC)

Tue 15 Mar 2011 - 12:30 - 17:30
Tower Salon A
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The Business Constituency (BC) is the voice of commercial Internet users within ICANN. Domain names are the names consumers and businesses rely upon to find websites for legitimate products and services on the Internet. Business users rely on a stable and secure Internet and ecommerce experience, one that serves their users and customers on a global basis. Through your participation in ICANN, and in the Business Constituency, your company will make a difference on behalf of business.

Who Should Attend? | Business Representatives.

Agenda Details:

An explanation of the session's goals and expected outcomes. Executive committee and Councilors with present papers to advise members of current issues. Member feedback sought on wide range of issues. Open meeting but not designed for ICANN newcomer. Potential members welcome and individual guidance offered.

  • A list of speakers split up according to relevant subject. Chair, Vice Chair Policy Coordination, Vice Chair Finance and Operations, CSG representative. BC Councilors.