IDN Fast Track Review (in Cooperation with ccNSO)

Tue 15 Mar 2011 - 11:30 - 13:00
California West
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This sessions will provide an update on the the first review of the Fast Track Process, and the topics identified in the review as ones that need further community discussions, specifically the subject of assessment of user confusion.

Agenda Details:
  1. Summary of the Annual Fast Track Process Review (Naela Sarras, IDN Fast Track Manager)
  2. DNS Stability Panel assessment of confusability (Lyman Chapin, Interisle)
  3. Example of confusable strings (Vaggelis Segredakis, Administrator of the .GR Top Level Domain)
  4. Example of confusable strings (Parvan Rusinov, Deputy Minister, Bulgarian Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications)
  5. ccNSO IDN PDP Update
  6. gTLD Program rules to establish confusability (Kurt Pritz, SVP Stakeholder Relations)